Agate meaning includes yin and yang energy, providing a balance between the positive and negative. There are hundreds of different types of agate. In fact, one could collect only agate stone varieties and accrue all the crystals one would need for healing the body and mind. 


The spiritual healing properties of agate facilitate growth and stability, in keeping with agate meaning. Agate powers encourage quiet introspection and contemplation, providing a soothing, supportive energy for spiritual growth and confidence in your spirituality.

Fire agate has wonderful agate healing properties for spiritual healing and growth. Fire agate is often brown, a color of stability, with flashes of gold, green, orange and red. These additional agate properties impart prosperity, happiness, confidence and enthusiasm. Fire agate dispels deep-seeded fears as it aligns the physical and etheric body to provide balanced energy and stability, in keeping with agate meaning.

Fire agate meaning in Divination states: A chance to achieve your heart’s desire, but beware of sudden temptation.

General agate meaning in Divination states: Consider both sides before making a decision.

Agate crystals strengthen or help establish a connection to Guardian Angels. Different types of agate tend to be favored by different Guardian Angels. Fire agate is one of the favorite agate crystal varieties for Guardian Angels, in general, but other types can attract them as well.

Agate mineral rocks bring various energies in Feng Shui, depending on the type of agate. Following are examples of some of the more common agates and their Feng Shui energies:

  • Moss agate provides wood energy, which encourages new beginnings, expansion, vitality and growth. It is placed in the east or southeast end of a room or home.
  • Fire agate generally provides fire energy, although fire agate crystals with lots of green and brown provide wood energy and those that are pale brown provide earth energy. Fire energy crystals are placed in the south end of a room or home while earth energy crystals go in the northeast or southwest areas.
  • Blue lace agate crystals impart water energy in Feng Shui. They encourage stillness and quiet. These crystals are placed in the north end of a home or room that is most often used for quiet reflection and relaxation.


Physical healing properties of agate mineral rocks are helpful in the areas of the digestive system and hollow organs like the uterus, intestines and stomach, providing calming, soothing vibrations, in keeping with agate meaning. Agate crystals can also help heal skin problems, especially allergic reactions and itching from insect bites. Agate stones help keep eyes healthy, too.

Agate healing properties extend to the heart and circulatory system as well. Imparting strength in keeping with agate meaning. This type of banded chalcedony strengthens the heart to facilitate improved circulation.

Agate gemstones can help reduce a fever, epilepsy symptoms and sleepwalking.

How to use agate:

  • Wear agate jewelry. A pendant that holds the agate gemstone over the heart is excellent for heart health and the circulatory system.
  • Place a chilled agate gemstone directly on the forehead to reduce a fever.
  • Put an agate gemstone on the abdomen to improve digestion and reduce gastritis. Carrying an agate crystal in a pants pocket can be beneficial for digestion throughout the day when you are on the move.
  • Take an agate elixir or agate essences to help combat digestive troubles and send the healing benefits at the heart of agate meaning coursing through your veins to every part of your body.


The emotional healing properties of agate instill improved perceptions and a better grasp of reality. Analytical abilities and concentration are improved with agate healing benefits. The supportive, soothing vibrations at the heart of agate meaning facilitate self-analysis, honesty and self-acceptance. The balancing agate benefits included in agate meaning bring negativity under control to encourage a more positive outlook. Bitterness and anger fall away, improving positivity and the desire and ability to move forward in life.

How to use agate:

  • Wear agate necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings to keep the supportive, soothing vibrations with you all day.
  • Take an agate elixir or agate essences to raise your spirits and keep you positive.
  • Carry agate crystal tumble stones or worry stones with you in a pocket or even tucked in your bra. If you begin to feel negative or upset, take a few quiet moments and hold the agate gemstone or rub it between finger and thumb until you feel better.
  • Keep an agate figurine, pyramid, obelisk or even a small bowl of agate crystal tumble stones or beads on your desk at work and near where you often sit at home.

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